“Feed me Seymour…”

I recently posted about how I’d decided to go on a health kick and make some changes to my life. One of the biggest parts of this is working on improving my diet. It was terrible, mainly consisting of white carbs, chocolate, and cheese. I just didn’t want to make any meals in the evenings, and my lunches were just whatever was on offer on the high street. Very unhealthy and very expensive. Not enough of any of the good things, and much too much fat and sugar.

The new daily diet plans looks something like this:

Breakfast – one scoop protein shake with fruits and skimmed milk

Snack – nuts and raisins

Lunch – grilled chicken or salmon with spinach, veggies, avocado, and grains (quinoa, couscous etc.)

Snack – banana

Dinner – 2 egg omelette with sweet potato, spinach, red peppers

Snack – 50g dark chocolate (need chocolate in my life!)

If it’s been a particularly heavy session in the gym I’ll add in another protein shake, but the above comes to around 1750 calories which is what seems to be absolutely plenty. I don’t want to spend my days counting calories, so I’m trying to stick to a couple of new habits:

– no white carbs

– 2/3rds of the plate must be veggies

– make better snack choices!

– if feeling peckish drink a glass of water first before getting a snack (often I’m not actually hungry, but thirsty instead!)

I’ll keep you posted on how this all goes, I’ve been doing it for a few weeks, but that’s not enough time to test a new diet. But I can say I already have lots more energy and feel much less bloated! Hurrah!


A lazy girls journey to fitness

Despite my best attempts, you cannot survive on chocolate and gin alone.  I recently decided to go on a health kick, change my terrible diet, and start moving.  I didn’t realise how quickly you lose your fitness, and over the last few years my life has become increasingly sedentary and my body increasingly wobbly.

So, in October 17 I decided to join the gym – very much ‘all the gear and no idea’ – and was promptly told that I was 35% body fat (what!?) and that my metabolic age was that of someone 20 years older.  Eeek – not good at all.  I was actually really ashamed when I saw those results – how on earth had I allowed my body to get into such a way?  My family has lots of health problems and issues around food, and I felt terrible that as one of the few without these problems, I’d actually been doing damage to myself anyway.

At first, I have to be honest, I was half-assing it. Didn’t change my diet effectively and was quite relaxed about missing sessions.  Whilst losing weight and fat, I wasn’t achieving anything significant.  After checking in on my weight and body fat in Jan 18, whilst I had made some progress, it was clear it wasn’t going in a great direction.  I wasn’t really sure what my goals were, other than to lose weight, so my workouts were directionless and inefficient.

I now have an utterly wonderful Personal Trainer who is pushing me and making me accountable.  Every time I walk into my gym (which is much more regularly!) it feels like I have a support system there.  The gyms motto is ‘never train alone’ and they really deliver on that.  You know everyone by name and they welcome you as you pop in.  I still have the tendency to want to give up sooner than I need to, the knowledge that someone is watching you and actually rooting for you, seems to quickly help the motivation and gives an extra spurt of energy!

I have made more progress in this month than I have in any other since joining, and finally it seems that going to the gym has become my new habit. Rather than slobbing on the sofa watching another terrible film I’m pulling on my leggings and heading out the door.

I read a very interesting article in The Pool recently which was talking the complex issues we have today with being ‘skinny’, and it made me realise that at first my motivation to move myself was purely based on the way I look.  But now I’m feeling better and living better, I am considering the aesthetics of it as a positive side effect.  So here’s my rather messy progress shot:

In terms of how I’ve improved my diet, I’ll write a separate post on that, but as I say above, you cannot survive on chocolate alone!

I still have lots of work to do to get myself fitter, and I’m actually now very excited about the journey!