I’m a natural redhead, which is something that makes me incredibly happy!  That hasn’t always been the case, whilst at university I decided to have some fun with my hair, and dyed it all the colours I could: pillar box red, black, purple… you name it I tried it.

Over the last few years I’ve been going back to my ‘roots’.  However natural red hair does start to fade with age *sobs*.  So I’ve been looking at ways to brighten up my locks.  Usual tips to stop red hair fading are: using colour depositing shampoos, rinsing hair with cranberry juice, using sulfate free hair products etc.  None of these have really given me the result I’ve been looking for, so today I picked up a box dye and gave it a whirl!

I opted for  L’Oreal Casting Crème Gloss Hair Dye Auburn Henna 4.43.  This appears rather dark on the box but, from experience, my hair doesn’t tend to go as dark or as bright as on the boxes, and red colours do tend to fade quickly, so thought this would be a good option.

It always looks like a murder scene whilst washing out red hair dye, but that always makes me chuckle!


**I messed up and put the ‘before’ picture after the ‘after’ picture, but I’m lazy and not much in the mood to change it!  You get the gist 🙂






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